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The Dip Dap modular house a gorgeous wooden dolls house that your children will love. Perfect for imaginative play.
Feeling like a fabulous condo, a skyscraper, a small fairy village or even a castle? Dip Dap modular house can be all that and more.This modular wooden house is easy to assemble and in move-in condition.  You can choose one of three models:
*House&Balcony  *House&Mansard  *Tower
or create your own ideal house combine together any of Dip Dap house modules. Its has an open plan design that allows it to be played with from all sides and by more than one child at once. Children can easily change house by rearranging and stacking the various rooms, balconies and roofs into many new and unique structures.
Watch video how we made wooden doll houses and how kid build his own dream house.